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Sweetcorn & Avo Salad

There’s something quite satisfying when you manage to get a perfect balance of texture and flavour in one bowl! This salad has the crunch from the corn, the creaminess from the avocado, freshness from the mint and is equal parts, sweet, salty, sour and hot! Balanced Perfection!!!


Sweet Corn 4 cobs
Avocado 2
Red Onion 1 small
Mint small bunch
Lemons 2
Chilli chopped fine (de-seed if you don’t like the heat)

This is the kind of salad you throw everything in together and give it a good mix … Just eyeball levels or ingredients and adjust things to taste. Just use a nice big bowl so that you can mix everything in.

Shuck the corn and seperate the kernels.
Dice the avocado put into the same bowl.
Discarding any thick stalks, chop the mint fine.
Chop the red onion as fine as you can.
If you can handle the heat, chop the chilli. If you would like the flavour but not the heat, slice the chilli in half, discard the seeds and chop the skin.
Mix the corn, avocado, mint, red onion and chilli till the avocado coats everything.
Add in as much salt as you would like (about 1 tsp of a nice coarse sea salt usually does it for me!)
Squeeze a couple of lemons on to the salad and mix it all up again.

I love this as a side to our steak and chops, as well as a great addition to a classic ol’ potato salad. It reminds me of street food flavours from India and sometimes I load a spoonful on corn chips and top up with plain yoghurt for extra crunch!


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