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Spicy Kumara & Lentil Soup

Winter days are soup days!!!!

Usually, I throw in a mix of whatever veggies I have lurking in the veggie drawer, along with some lentils to add additional protein and depth of flavour. Bacon in for the win, but feel free to leave it out if you’re vegetarian. In our household we cannot use stocks as my husband breaks out into hives (we’ve tried every. single. brand / version) and there’s just no option, but to cook the old fashioned way! Feel free to use stock if you would like to. Just don’t add any additional salt in the end.

Here goes, this is our current family favourite soup. Let me know if you end up whipping up a pot for yourself.

Serves – 6 / Difficulty Level – Easy

Onion 1 medium (Chopped coarsely)
Leek 1 (White bit only)
Bay leaves 2
Crushed garlic 1 tsp
Bacon Rashers* 2
Carrots 3
Pink Lentils 3/4 cup
Kumara 2 cups
Crushed Tomatoes 1can
Mixed Roots Hurry Curry 2 tsp
Water** 6 cups
Salt to taste
Oil a splash

Chop onions coarsely. Slice the white portion of the leek.
Heat oil with bay leaves on a medium heat.
While oil is heating, peel and dice carrots & kumara.
Wash & drain the lentils.
Chop up bacon.
Fry the onions & leeks along with the bacon.
When the onions are transparent and the leeks mushy, add the crushed garlic along with the carrots and kumara. Mix well.
Add the washed lentils to this mix.
Add the Mixed Roots Hurry Curry and mix well to coat all the veggies in the pot. (I have also been known to throw in a straggly half head of cauliflower.)
The tomatoes go in next.
Mix well.
Add water (or stock) and bring to a slow, rolling boil. (If you’re using stock, skip on adding the salt.)
When the veggies are all cooked, use a hand hand blender to blitz to a smooth soup.
Season with salt as desired.

We serve this with a swirl of unsweetened Greek yoghurt, chopped coriander leaves and crusty croutons and garlic bread for a hearty winter lunch.

* leave out the bacon if you’re vegetarian or don’t want to add any.
** If you would rather use stock, just leave the salt out.


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