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"I know once people get connected to real food, they never change back."



Egg Curry in a Hurry

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A bit of this & a bit of that....

Kia Ora & Namaste!
I love to think of myself as “The Original Spice Girl”! Born into a family who’s love language can best be described as “food”, I set about re-discovering the authentic and rich flavours that I grew up... to re-create memories & flavours that reminded me of my grandmothers and my mother. I also tweaked these to stay true, while adapting to our changing tastes.

I love food, people & stories (not necessarily in that order) and am happiest with all of these in one room. To satisfy my love for spice & passion for saving the world from below-average curry, I started the process of de-mystifying Indian food.
Our wee jars of spice rubs, spice infused honeys and cold pressed olive oils pack in authentic and rich flavours are packed with flavour to make your meal shine!

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey in stories, our home, our kitchen experiments (some more successful than others!), family recipes handed down over generations, as well as my own recipes.